News Flash: The next expected breeding will take place the winter of 2019.


Thank you for visiting the Chugach Chesapeakes’ website. We are located in the foothills of the spectacular Chugach Mountains in Alaska. This is the home of the well built, passionate hunting Chessie who possesses an excellent coat and temperament.

my dogsI have been an avid waterfowl hunter for many decades.  In 1996 it was finally time for me to get a dog. I selected a Chesapeake Bay Retriever (CBR) due to their reputation as being superb waterfowl retrievers. Her name was Katmai, more properly known as CH Katmai Chugach Splendor MH QA2, and we bonded immediately.  Her passion for hunting, natural instinct, tractability, and wonderful temperament made her an ideal companion.  This combination led me to become a lifelong fan of the breed. Words cannot describe how much Katmai meant to me. Her eulogy is posted on this site.

My Chessies are cherished, hunted, and competed in the field and in the show ring. They live in my house as members of the family. They are affectionate and passionately loyal. One of the distinguishing characteristics of CBRs is that they are very bonded with their owners and are aloof towards strangers. They do not stray from my property even though there are no fences. They want to be with Dad.   hunting

My Chessies are absolutely nuts about birds, possessing great bone structure and coat, and have great personalities. They are a joy to have around. All my dogs have hip, elbow, and eye health clearances. All dogs in my house are expected to achieve conformational champion (CH) and master hunter (MH) titles at a minimum and be outstanding hunters and companions. Their pedigrees are impeccable and can be found on this site.

In the last decade, I have acquired a strong interest in upland bird hunting, primarily pheasants. Chessies, in addition to their well earned reputation as superb waterfowl hunters, are also extremely adept at hunting pheasants. The key being their outstanding noses. My experience has shown that the Chessie is an excellent pheasant hunter.

--- Mike Vogel