CH MHR Chugach’s Katmai Tazlina MHtazzy

OFA hips good

OFA elbows normal

OFA eyes normal

PRA carrier

DM normal

EIC Clear (D15000043)


tazzyTazzy is my hunter extraordinaire. She has an outstanding nose and uses it extremely well. Last fall, she was responsible for the harvesting of 50 roosters, despite it being a poor year for most in the area that I hunt. Additionally, she hunted in five different states and retrieved in addition to the pheasants, ptarmigan, chukar, quail, ducks, Hungarian partridge, and two species of grouse. She has her master hunter title and the NAHRA equivalent of the AKC master, Master Hunting Retriever. Tazzy has won the ‘Chukar Challenge’ which is a competitive event put on by the Arctic Bird Dog Club. tazzy jumpingShe beat all the pointers, setters, and spaniels and did it at their own game. Tazzy is a dog that naturally quarters and is an excellent marker. She is very well built and has a great coat which led to a brief show career. Despite being the only deadgrass in the ring (the judges discriminate against deadgrass), she quickly achieved 3 majors and had her CH. In 2015, Tazzy will be pursuring the Master Hunter Upland title.