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Ivishak was born December 30, 2017.


She is my 4th generation girl (Katmai>Tazlina>Nizina>Ivishak).

The purpose of the breeding that produced her is discussed in the COI section (please read). The goal was to keep the things that I value: marking skill, temperament, passion for the hunt, birdiness, quality of coat etc., and to diversify the genetic basis of my lines.

This was not a breeding to try to produce all-age type competitive dogs. It was a genetic diversification breeding (outcross) in that it produced dogs that have a 10gen COI of 0.4%.
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Because the field trial lines are so inbred, it is necessary, in order to avoid the risks associated with inbreeding, (read COI), to outcross. I got what I wanted.

As a huge bonus, I also got sedge; although, initially, she was not sedge, but gradually turned red as she got older.

Sedge, which is a reddish brown, used to be more common. Now, it is very rare to find especially in the field lines. Sedge is a very unique and beautiful color.

Ivishak is a very birdy girl who already has become an accomplished pheasant hunter at a young age. When comparing her to her mother at the same age, Ivishak, is ahead of her mother, and her mother is an excellent pheasant dog.
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Like her ancestors, Ivishak is a very good marker with great style and is very athletic. She has a fantastic water entry and is quite watery.

She passed her first hunt test when she was 6 months old and you can see in the following pics, her jumping in the water at that hunt test.
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