Chugach Chesapeakes


Tikishla has been bred. Puppies are due May 17, 2024. The purpose of this breeding is to produce field trial dogs with proper structure and coat, that have great temperament, and are not inbred.

Hopefully, this breeding will produce an all-age dog or two. It certainly will produce show quality dogs as well. The minimum that should be achieved by these dogs is a CH/MH/QA2 type dog.

I believe in genetic diversification which is the opposite of inbreeding (line breeding). The more one inbreeds, the higher the COI, the more chance there is of genetic health problems being expressed. This breeding has a COI of 0.0% for 5 generations. There are no common ancestors within the first 5 generations. This is very hard to do in this breed and keep field talent.

Puppy Pedigree
Sire: CH SHR Chesamos Katahdin Spirit MH QAA WDX GCH HRCH

Sugarcreek’s Thundering Shellcracker MH WDQ X CH HRCH Steaming Hot Cocomo MH QA2
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Odie is a very handsome male that has a MH and has placements in all-breed qualifyings. He is athletic, talented, and is a good partner in the field. His mother won three Q’s last year. Outside of his field work, Odie has an amazing, non-reactive personality unrivaled in Chesapeakes. He is fun to work and live with. In addition, Odie has excelled in the show ring with limited effort, taking winners dog at the ACC National in 2021 and getting his championship the following year. For more information about Odie go to: https//

Hips OFA Good CB-12513G24M-VPI
Elbows OFA normal CB-EL4190M24-VPI
Eyes OFA normal CB-EYE1662/42M-VPI
DM: Clear (N/N)
PRA : Clear (N/N)
EIC: Clear (N/N)
ED: Clear (N/N)

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Dam: Chugach's JJ’s Topsail Tikishla QAA

FC Topsail’s Good Time Buddy X JJ’s Chi-Town Jazz QAA
Tikishla is the best dog I have owned and is a dog of a lifetime. She is an all-age talent that loves the work. She is an excellent marker, has a great water attitude, she’ll gladly do a 400 yard swim, and is tractable. Emphasis on tractable as that is rare amongst Chessie bitches. Kish is so focused and has so much desire, that there is no need to take the foot off the pedal while training during her heat cycle. Additionally, Kish has a wonderful sweet temperament.

Hips OFA Good CB-12680G31F-C-NOPI
Elbows OFA Normal CB-EL4190M24-VPI
Eyes OFA Normal CB-EYE1662/42M-VPI
DM: Clear (N/N)
PRA: Clear (N/N)
EIC: Clear (N/N)
ED: Clear (N/N)
CDDY Clear (N/N)
CDPA Clear (N/N)

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