Chugach Chesapeakes


Ivishak has been bred. Puppies are due February 14, 2023.

This is a breeding that will produce CH/MH/QA2 type dogs that will be very enthusiastic hunters and possess nice temperaments.

Ivishak is a 4th generation Master Hunter (MH)) and has a Qualifying 3rd. She and her ancestors are hunted extensively. The sire, Bowie, is also hunted frequently.

This is an extremely low COI breeding since there are no common ancestors within 5 generations. In fact, no duplication. This is very difficult to achieve in this breed as it is a small gene pool that has been badly inbred.

Puppy Pedigree
Sire: Madrona's Let's Dance "Bowie"
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Hips OFA Fair
Elbows OFA normal
Eyes OFA normal
DM Clear
PRA Clear
EIC Clear
CDDY Clear

Dam: Chugach's and Marian's Arctic Ivishak "Ivishak"
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Hips OFA Good
Elbows OFA Normal
Eyes OFA Normal
DM Carrier
PRA Carrier
EIC Clear
CDDY Clear
CDPA Clear

Ivishak at 6 months old…..

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For more pictures and information on Ivishak, please follow this link.