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Chugach’s Thumping Jago MH QA2

OFA hips excellent

OFA elbow normal

OFA eyes normal

PRA clear
EIC Clear
DM carrier


Jago with 'FC Tiger of Clipper City' Trophy

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Jago is a dog whose father was a very famous Chessie named Rudy (CH FC AFC Westwind’s Rudy of Nordais). Jago is a very stylish, hard running boy that has the most prey drive that I have ever seen in a dog. His desire for birds and to retrieve is very very strong. His Qualifying career is over and he currently is running in the all age stakes. He ran 9 Q's, winning 3 of them, placing 4th in 2 of them and a jam. One of those wins was in Texas. In the all age stakes he has 5 Jams including 2 RJs in the open. He has been hampered by an owner who has no experience at running at the all age level. The all age level is a very different deal, one cannot make mistakes and this has been a difficult learning experience.
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Additionally, he is hunted every fall and has done very well. He has an excellent nose and is well along the learning curve in learning how to use it to root out those hiding birds, particularly pheasants. He has his AKC Master Hunter title.

His temperament is very sweet and he is my favorite. There is not a mean bone in his body. He is just a lovely sweet dog with a lot of go and bottom.